Jeff chose motorcycling as a way to relieve stress after serving in a foreign war.   A broke former Army NCO working morning drive at an album rock radio station, his twice monthly paycheck was too small for a pricey bike.  Cheap, fast, and bought was a non-running 2 stroke Kawasaki 500cc triple, parked inside a farmer’s barn asking 600 bucks, then a 2 stroke 750 Kawasaki three cylinder monster called the “Widow Maker”, for good reason.  Low mileage, dicey handling, loud, and far too fast, it pegged the speedometer at a then unheard of 130, did zero to 60 in four, melted rear donuts, obliterated chains, and doubled as a chick magnet.  Fast fun ever since, lawfully, of course!

Jeff has owned many bikes, including Enduros, Cruisers, Standards, off and on road, so he appreciates all motorcycles, large, small, even outlandish, like his current 127 cubic inch Ultiima-powered Texas Chopper. 

As a Florida daily rider, the Ryan dude spends months in far away places, gathering pictures, videos, and biker interviews. Away from the studio, Jeff loves riding, wrenching, fishing, firearms, and growing his own food.  He’s not much for the haters and highway phone people.

The American Biker Minute is the daily testimony of the “everyday man” who’s discovered the awesome brilliance of new people and experiences found on the open road.  Follow along with Jeff’s journey on two wheels by listening to The American Biker Minute each and every day! Just click the links below!  It’ll be the best minute of your morning, afternoon or evening!