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CAUTION! Motorcycling is a beautiful affliction for which there is no antidote!

“If you don’t want to ride motorcycles, you’d better never get on one.” 

True.  There is no known antidote for the affliction associated with the thrill of blasting down the boulevard on 2 wheels. Since 2005, American Biker Minute has been the USA’s first and only nationally syndicated daily motorcycle lifestyle show airing on both radio stations and podcast.

American Biker Minute respects all motorcycles.  At The Biker Minute, we know what you ride matters less than THAT you ride now, have ridden or will ride in the future.  Cruise side by side with the Dude as he searches for bikers relating newly discovered travel experiences from between both borders and beyond.  Sign up for show daily delivery.  Get the latest bike tech, advice on safety and performance, money saving motorcycle tips, the social aspect of motorcycling, and straight talk from women and men who love nothing better than the thrill of meeting new people out on the open road.  Join the motorcycle movement to American Biker Minute!